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LUMINOR Commercial / Industrial / Municipal Products

LUMINOR Commercial / Industrial / Municipal Products

Commercial/Industrial & municipal disinfection solutions include a vast number of specialized applications requiring viscous fluid disinfection. These include aquaculture, microelectronics, food & beverage, small municipality, marine, pharmaceuticals, cooling towers, pools, recreational waters (splash pads) and many other applications. LUMINOR’s Commercial/Industrial/Municipal product line is split into both UV monitored and non-monitored products with flow rates of 300 lpm (85 gpm) to 2400 lpm (625 gpm). The C/I product line includes the following features:

  • 316L stainless steel reactors with flanged end plate for easy disassembly
  • Designed & manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standards
  • Drain ports for convenient reactor draining
  • ¼” sample ports on risers for ease of sampling
  • “Easy-off” lamp connector with integral lamp sealing capabilities
  • Electronic control circuits with LCD display for lamp age
  • 304 stainless steel control panels
  • Lamp age counter
  • Flow rates stated at 95% UVT at a UV dose of 30 mJ/cm²
  • Low pressure amalgam coated UV lamps for increased power density and uniform UV output throughout rated lamp life of 12,000 hours
  • 10 year limited warranty on UV reactors
  • K25.0: Modular, upgradeable with stainless steel control panel and LCD display for remaining lamp life, total running hours, audible & visual lamp failure, remote-on and solenoid output
  • K26.0: Continuous UV monitoring in addition to lamp status monitoring, 254nm Teflon™ based UV sensor with 4-20mA output and solenoid output

Additional features on Monitored systems:

  • UV sensor monitors system disinfection giving an audible alarm if UV dose drops below a safe level; output visually displayed on controller in either mW/cm² or %
  • UV transmittance (UVT) output ( requires optional UVT analyser)
  • Flow monitor visually displayed on controller in either L/s, m³/hr. or GPM (requires optional flow meter)
  • Dose calculation (requires optional Dose Calculation software)
  • Internal fault history storage for quick reference (independent of 4-20 mA data logging capabilities)
  • Remote On input
  • Dry Contact Status Outputs (Major, Minor, and Ready [Direct Flow Valve Control])
  • 4-20 mA output