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Class A BLACKCOMB-HO 6.1 System

For the ultimate in residential UV disinfection, LUMINOR's NSF Class A BLACKCOMB6.1 line should be your choice. Incorporating a true 254nm discrete UV monitor, this BLACKCOMB series offers the ultimate in continuous monitoring for 24 hour peace-of-mind. Using Teflon technology for reduced fouling, these sensors allow for the addition of a solenoid shut-off valve and a 4-20mA output allowing for remote monitoring or data logging. A colour user interface allows for easy visual identification of UV intensity, remaining lamp life and any error or fault codes as well as a monitoring of a full system diagnostic on start-up. The system even incorporates QR codes to access lamp change information and videos via web access. The controller is a constant current electronic power source and is housed in a splash-proof case that comes standard with a “future-proof” expandability port for future upgrades or options.

Rugged 304 stainless steel, single-end reactors allow for lamp change without the need to drain the reactor chamber. Reliable, industry proven, high quality low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps are used offering a consistent output over their 9,000 hour life. Flow rates of 13, 24, & 30 lpm (3.5, 6, & 8 gpm), in both 120V or 230V applications, are offered in the NSF Class A BLACKCOMB6.1 series of products.


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UV intensity screenUV intensity screen
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