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LUMINOR's new line of rack-mounted UV/filtration systems offer the convenience of an all-in-one package making installation a simple "in & out" connection. Designed to effectively treat flow rates of 8 & 15 gpm, LUMINOR's rack-mounted UVs provide the required 5 micron pretreatment with the option of a full-flow carbon filter to treat taste and odour. Installation of a UV system has never been easier with an innovative design that allows for feedwater to enter the filters from either the right or left side of the unit. Based on LUMINOR's groundbreaking modular UV systems, the rack-mount UVs offer the flexibility of being "factory ready" to accept a UV intensity module in the future if so desired. The BLACKCOMB plug and play platform has the most advanced residential controller on the market with a colour user interface giving a multitude of screens displaying diagnostics, status, warnings and even QR codes for a quick link back to LUMINOR's website. Combine this with the capability to fully customize the colour screens with your own dealer information, or different language, and you can easily see how this integrated UV/filter system shines above all others (an optional Custom Dealer Programmer is required... contact factory for further information)!


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