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One of the primary uses of ultraviolet light in aquaculture involves recirculating systems. These types of systems are typically found in aquaculture facilities, wholesale & retail tropical fish facilities and public aquaria.

These recirculating systems favour the growth of many disease-causing organisms and spread disease to other species within the same tank or recirculating system. Bacteria, parasites, fungi and virus's can all become concentrated in recirculating systems. Aeronomas hydrophlia, Myxosoma cerebralis, Pseudomonas flourescens, Ichthyophthirius tomites and many others can spread within these aquaculture systems. The water contained in these tanks & recirculating systems can lead to the spread of disease if left untreated.

Disinfection by ultraviolet light is an environmentally safe and cost effective method of controlling these aquaculture related issues. The chart below shows the minimum UV dose required to eradicate some of the most common fish pathogens.



Various submarkets exist within the aquaculture industry, all of which have their own unique requirements:

UV can be used in the waters used in the egg production as well as fry growth. A decrease in mortality rates and increased yields are the direct result of the UV’s ability to prevent infection and subsequent disease of the fish fry.

Increased awareness in both health and environmental issues are pushing fish farms to adopt environmentally safe measures (the avoidance of antibiotics) in their operations. The goal of increased yields combined with “organic” products is what is driving this industry.

Contamination is raw shellfish is an extremely large concern in the aquaculture industry. Crabs, clams, oysters, lobster and shrimp facilities all use extremely large amounts of water in holding tanks, process and rise water. The use of UV in these applications prevents the spread of infectious disease and increase yields, all without the use of chemicals.

UV can, and is used, in many applications in marine parks, zoos and aquariums. From habitat, wash water, water features to food preparation the prevention and spread of disease is critical to the health of these diverse biosystems.

Pathogen free water is a must in these cases to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Make-up water, process water and even waste benefit from the use of ultraviolet disinfection.