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Food & Beverage

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The market opportunities that exist within the food & beverage segment is endless. The strict regulations of the world's food and beverage processing, coupled with UV's ability to disinfect without the use of chemicals and without the formation of by-products, make UV a natural choice in this market.

Raw product water disinfection in water, juice, beer, wine & alcohol or soft drinks is an obvious choice for UV as are product washing for fruits and vegetables. UV's environmentally friendly and virtually instantaneous disinfection makes it the ideal choice in food service applications.


Various submarkets exist within the food & beverage markets, all of which have their own unique requirements:

UV can be used in a variety of applications in the brewery, from ingredient water to bottle washing. Many breweries promote the quality of their ingredient water and this is likely due to filtration and disinfection protocols rather than the actual source. UV is an effective way to ensure consistently microbiologically safe ingredient water at all times. UV does not affect the taste or mineral balance of the ingredient water and helps promote increased shelf life.

For many of the same issues as outlined in the “Breweries” section, UV can be incorporated from the ingredient water to the bottle washing stage. UV controls the microbiological efficacy of the ingredient water while causing no adverse taste to the water.

In post-mix applications, water accounts for approximately 83% of the beverage. The syrup manufacture can control the syrup in the plant, however the water for the beverage is simple drawn from the local source water wherever that may be. As a result, for many years, the major players in the soft drink industry rely on UV disinfection as the only way to ensure the microbiological efficacy of these post-mix applications. UV is safe, easy to use and provides virtually immediate disinfection without the use of potentially dangerous, and taste altering, chemicals.

Specially adapted UV systems are used to treat viscous sugar solutions for both yeast and mould issues which can potentially contaminate the final product.