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LUMINOR UV Commercial/Industrial Application Education - Pharmaceutical


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Pharmaceutical and healthcare applications and production facilities call for waters that are free of microbiological contamination as well as chemicals such as chlorine and ozone.

LUMINOR's commercial/industrial product line is designed to not only treat the microbiological issues of pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, but also designed to reduce total organic carbon (TOC) as well as the destruction of chlorine, chloramines and ozone.

If advanced oxidation is what you are looking for LUMINOR's UV equipment will serve as the perfect partner with others ozone equipment that when combined can reduce trace organics which can be one of the most difficult issues to control in pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

As an option, LUMINOR will provide all material that may be required of pharmaceutical and healthcare applications including certificates for materials of construction, UV lamps, and UV monitors. Reactors are manufactured to a specific sanitary design, free of crevices and fittings which could cause contamination.