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LUMINOR UV Commercial/Industrial Application Education - Recreational Water

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The recreational water play segment is one of the fastest growing areas in the pool and spa market segment. Whether they are stand alone splash water parks, or the many added water features attached to commercial pools such as water slides, wave features or flume rides, they all attract users. With this increased use, comes the potential for a multitude of waterborne contaminant issues that can create some serious issues for these water park operators.

Traditional treatment methods such as chlorination in these applications come under scrutiny by the users due to the production of chloramines in the water caused by the reaction of free chlorine residuals with organic materials, such as bacteria brought into the environment by the users. High water temperatures and turbulent waters require increased chlorine demands than in traditional pool applications and consequently increase problems. Issues of intense chlorine smell, eye, nose and throat irritation as well as red and itchy skin create a negative atmosphere for the park owner and an unpleasant experience for the participants!

The industry has seen its share of cryptosporidiosis outbreaks which unfortunately cannot be addressed with chlorination as Cryptosporidium ooycysts are extremely resistant to chlorine and can survive long after treatment has stopped for the night. As a result, both industry and regulators, are looking to ultraviolet light to provide some much needed solutions. Not only can UV disinfect the water supply and reduce the dependency on chlorine, but it does so without the creation of any potentially harmful disinfection by-products (such as chloramines). Additionally, UV is extremely effective at eradicating Cryptosporidium in the water while also addressing the bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens that may exist in these recreational waters.

As an added benefit, a properly designed UV system can also address any of the chloramines or chlorinated organic compounds issues caused by the chlorine.

For recreational water applications, UV provides an inexpensive alternative to address microbiological issues providing safe, crystal clear water for the customers, as well as air free from chemical overtones...the result is happy customers and a happy operator.