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Water Reuse

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As environmental pressures and water scarcity continue to increase, industry, municipalities and agricultural users have been on a quest to find alternative technologies to treat wastewater for reuse applications. Chlorine has been typically used for this purpose however the use of chlorine has come under extreme scrutiny as of late due to the formation of disinfection by-products such as chloramines, trihalomethanes and haloacetic acid.

In areas such as the southern US states, Australia, Portugal, Spain and Italy, where the replenishment of aquifers is poor and water resources are limited, water reuse is not simply and option, but is in actuality a necessity. Heavy irrigation needs to support increasing agricultural demands has led to water reuse being an integral strategy in many areas of the world.

The use of ultraviolet light in water reuse has been used in many areas for a number of years and offers an environmentally friendly approach to disinfection. UV is safe, simple, cost effective and easily treats reuse water while producing no harmful disinfection by-products along the way.