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LUMINOR UV Application Education - Residential


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Residential Disinfection solutions involve applications where the homeowner controls the quality of their water when it comes to microbiological issues as opposed to relying on others (e.g. the municipality) to ensure their water receives adequate disinfection.

The homeowner's reasons for disinfection may vary as some may simply be drawing water from a lake, stream or other surface water source that has no other forms of disinfection while others may be drawing from a well which may appear to have good quality groundwater, but in fact may be contaminated from a secondary source (e.g. neighbouring farm).

Other residential uses may stem from a more personal nature of well being. For those who receive their water from a municipal source, yet still are looking for the added protection for themselves and their family, may elect to incorporate a UV system in their homes, even though their water is being treated by the municipality. Redundant......maybe, piece-of-mind.....absolutely!! The installation of a UV system is extremely inexpensive water insurance for the home.

Residential applications can be broken down into the following sub-markets:

POE - Point of Entry

POU - Point of Use