Why does my water look dirty?

The lack of water clarity is caused by turbidity which can be seen as the cloudy, or hazy nature found in some water sources. Turbidity can be both organic and inorganic in nature and is a major issue when looking at water filtration technology.

Image showing different levels of turbidity in water

What is the source of sediment & particulate in drinking water?

Water is known as the universal solvent, meaning it can eventually dissolve almost anything it encounters. As a result, all unfiltered water contains varying degrees of sediment and particulate.  

Treatment options

Sediment and particulate can be removed from a water supply using mechanical filtration. Suspended particles are removed as water flows through a filter cartridge, inside of a filter housing. Sediment filters can be installed anywhere in the home but point-of-entry is recommended.

Benefits of sediment filtration

There are many benefits of using a water filtration system to remove sediment, here are just a few:
•    Cost-effective
•    Easy installation
•    Simple maintenance
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Remove large sediment particles