LUMINOR's line of rack-mounted UV filtration systems offer the convenience of an all-in-one package making installation a simple "in & out" connection. Designed to treat flow rates of 8 & 15 gpm, LUMINOR's rack-mounted UV filtration systems provide the required 5 micron pretreatment with the option of a full-flow carbon filter to treat taste and odour. Installation of a UV water filtration system has never been easier with a design that allows for feedwater to enter the filters from either the right or left side of the unit.


Based on LUMINOR's modular UV water treatment systems, the rack-mount UVs offer the flexibility of being "factory ready" to accept a UV intensity module in the future if so desired. The BLACKCOMB plug and play platform has a controller with a colour user interface giving a multitude of screens displaying diagnostics, status, warnings and also QR codes for a quick link back to LUMINOR's website. Combine this with the capability to fully customize the colour screens with your own dealer information, or a different language*.

*Optional Custom Dealer Programmer is required. Contact factory for further information.


Unboxing the BLACKCOMB UV Rack System

*Note - LBH5-Z55 model featured in video.

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