Ultraviolet Water Treatment Products

Luminor Environmental offers a variety of Ultraviolet Water Treatment products suitable for residential, light commercial and industrial/municipal markets around the world.

Whole Home Water Treatment

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LUMINOR's BLACKCOMB series of residential UV systems offer the homeowner multiple levels of home water treatment to guarantee safe, clean, water.

Suitable for:

  • Cottages, vacation homes, rural properties, and city homes
  • Commercial applications 
  • Low flow single tap applications
  • OEM system integration 

NSF Validated Water Treatment

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There are many drinking water applications that require equipment that has been tested by a third party and must have verified proof of performance standards. These include locations that serve the public. Some applications include schools, hospitals, senior’s facilities, churches, and public washrooms.

NSF is one of the most requested and well known third party testing facilities that will help you meet guidelines set in place for each application. We offer NSF validated systems ranging from 3 to 28gpm. 

Light Commercial Water Treatment

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Rainier Commercial Water Treatment Systems utilize amalgam lamp technology for stable dose and high output. Suitable for apartment buildings, senior facilities, health care facilities, campgrounds, restaurants and other similar applications. 

Lamp Types:

  • Standard Amalgam - For most applications
  • Hot Water - Designed for the reduction of legionella. Can be used in re-circulation loops, showers, cooling towers, etc.
  • Low UVT - For applications where water quality may approach 50%
  • TOC - For the reduction on TOC (total organic carbon) using UV lamps at 185 nm output

Industrial & Municipal Water Treatment

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Commercial, Industrial & Municipal UV disinfection solutions include a vast number of specialized applications requiring viscous fluid disinfection. These include aquaculture, microelectronics, food & beverage, small municipality, marine, pharmaceuticals, cooling towers, pools, recreational waters (splash pads) and many other water treatment applications.

LUMINOR’s Commercial/Industrial/Municipal product line is split into both UV monitored and non-monitored products with flow rates of 300 lpm (85 gpm) to 2400 lpm (625 gpm).

UVC LED Disinfection

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LUMINOR has expanded on the proven efficacy of UV germicidal irradiation, and coupled it with high-tech UVC LED technology, to produce the energy efficient, environmentally friendly GLACIER UV LED.

These compact UVC LED modules provide 99.99% pathogen reduction and have a global reach with a myriad of applications ranging from residential water treatment, water dispensers, appliances, food service, RV, marine, medical, disaster relief and many, many more!